Carpentry contractors: are you fire safety compliant?

Written by Désiré Roberts

Written by Désiré Roberts

27 September 2021

Fire safety is a hot topic in the building industry, following the Grenfell Tower tragedy and its inquiry to reduce the risks of this happening again. It’s no secret that fire doors are installed by carpentry companies without a 3rd party fire safety accreditation, but since the Grenfell Tower fire, tighter regulation within the industry has been the main focus. As such, subcontractors within the construction industry that perform fire protection installations are looking for ways to become more compliant, and most main contractors are looking for subcontractors who are already accredited to ensure that the installations are all done to current accreditation standards. 

Is your work compliant with fire safety regulations? 

It’s safe to assume that most of the fire doors that have been fitted on new builds across the UK have been installed by a general carpentry company, not fire protection specialists. Unfortunately, most general carpentry companies don’t know what is required to achieve the correct fire rating, because their speciality isn’t really fire protection. This is why main contractors are now requesting that subcontractors that are doing fire protection installations are 3rd party accredited, even though it’s not a legal requirement, to ensure that all installations are in accordance with fire safety and building regulations and the manufacturer’s installation guidance, and compliant with current 3rd party accreditation requirements. 

How does Onetrace fire stopping app come into play? 

The administrative side of staying compliant is a nightmare. Every single detail has to be recorded and quality checked to ensure all documentation has the relevant information. Rather than doing it all manually, which can be chaotic and documents can get lost in the process, Onetrace brings everything together in one place. Your team on site can easily access the app, upload photos and input all relevant information as they are working, right from their mobile devices. This makes sure that the information required for 3rd party accreditations is recorded, and your operatives can use the most convenient device possible to get everything done. Clients can also be added as guest users and they will be able to see all documentation, and information as it’s being uploaded in real time so they are aware of where your team is with the project or job. 

Stop faffing about with fire stopping apps that just don’t work well 

We have all experienced it at some point, especially in the construction industry: some dedicated software and applications just don’t work well or aren’t user friendly, particularly on mobile devices. Unfortunately, because there hasn’t been a lot of options, you didn’t have a choice – until now. Onetrace was built with remote working in mind, since most of the input will be on-site, while you’re working on a job, so it was built to be smooth, user friendly, and easy to input information. 

Completely customisable for your needs 

Every team works differently, and every company has its unique workflow and want to track certain data that others may not. While installing a fire door might be a simple job, some teams may want before and after photos, or more details than others. Onetrace understands this and the job forms are entirely customisable. You, or a client of yours, might want the team to log times, quantities or even how many people are on-site with you for COVID safety, and while that might not be applicable to other businesses, you’re able to add those extra fields into your job forms, so that your team tracks whatever you want them to. 

About Onetrace fire stopping app

As the leading fire stopping app software in the UK, we’re confident that when your team uses Onetrace, you can rest assured that the fire protection work your carpentry company completes is in line with current accreditation standards, giving you and your clients that all fire protection installations have been done within compliance and safety regulations. 

If you’re ready to take a look at how Onetrace fire stopping app can support your carpentry company’s fire protection traceability needs, all you need to do is simply get in touch or request a demo. If you’re not ready to commit or just want to have a quick peek, that’s okay – you can try Onetrace completely free for 14 days with zero obligation or commitment. It’s that simple.