Everything is easier with Onetrace fire protection traceability

Written by Désiré Roberts

Written by Désiré Roberts

13 September 2021

Fire protection traceability isn’t the sexiest topic in the world, no matter how beautifully dangerous fire itself is, but it’s necessary to keep occupants safe and maintain your 3rd party accreditations. We intimately know and understand the frustrations of keeping on top of documentation and remaining compliant, which is why we built Onetrace in the first place. Our fire protection traceability solution comes from a direct need for easier administration and access to information on site. 

Know what you have to do at a glance

Organisation can be a hassle and become time consuming for some. Figuring out what you have to do when, how long it will take and when it has to be done by can be a challenge for some people. While this can be quite simple for the administrative team at the office, juggling this while trying to get stuff done on site is tough. Wouldn’t it be great to just have a list waiting for you… so you don’t have to DIY your list every evening before work or first thing in the morning before you set off? Well, this is exactly what Onetrace does: a nice, tidy list of things for your team to knock out of the park, without the hassle of Excel spreadsheets or clunky apps. 

Drop it like it’s hot

No, we’re not talking about the dance floor, but floor plans. You can easily drop pins with pinpoint accuracy on floor plans and drawings right in the app. 🔥 Now that’s hot. Why? Because we understand how much effort marking up locations on a floor plan could be. No more fiddling with complicated software or using multiple apps. It’s all right there in Onetrace, and that’s efficiency on point. The benefit of this isn’t just when you’re on site (but we know that it’s amazing when you’re able to drop those pins like magic when you’re in the middle of an installation), but it’s also fantastic when the teams pricing jobs as well. If your company is tendering, you can drop pins everywhere you need to without any hassle, and provide unrivalled transparency from the tendering process all the way to final completion of work. 

Track your team’s progress

Real time updates are such a necessary part of true remote working solutions. If you have a team of operatives on site, the last thing you want to do as a team supervisor is having to ring them up every few hours for a status update. With Onetrace, you won’t have to do that. While on-site fire protection operatives are working, you can see everything they are uploading to the app in real time, giving you a clear picture of where they are in the job form workflow, and what job they are working on. You can also give this access to clients, so that they can see their projects from a bird’s eye view, reducing the number of phone calls and meetings required for project and job updates. Onetrace brings your company transparency and fire protection traceability like no other. 

Are you ready for Onetrace’s fire protection traceability?

Now that you know how awesome Onetrace fire protection traceability is, you know it’s the next step in the right direction for your company. While being cost effective, we have managed to create the UK market’s leading fire stopping app, with features that make compliance with 3rd party accreditations much easier. 

If you’re interested in how Onetrace works, all you need to do is simply get in touch or request a demo. If you’re not ready to commit or just want to have a quick peek, that’s okay – you can try Onetrace completely free for 14 days with zero obligation or commitment. It’s that simple.