Goodbye and Thank You 2021, Hello 2022!

Written by Désiré Roberts

Written by Désiré Roberts

27 December 2021

A new year is always filled with hope and wonder; the prospect of a new chapter of our lives, the possibility of new love, or a new home, career, or car. It’s another milestone of life that we have achieved, and we always look forward to what the new year holds in store for us. But this past year was different. 2021 held the promise of a post-pandemic world, one that drew a line at the end of 2020… But it broke that promise for all of us, and 2021 went by in what felt like a two year-long blur of pandemic lockdowns, Brexit crises, skyrocketing unemployment, and Zoom calls. Did 2020 ever really end or was it just a Siamese twin, conjoined to 2021? 

However, 2021 did have its highlights… the majority of the population was vaccinated, and we carefully and cautiously made our way back out into the physical working world, keeping one foot in the virtual, with our days still filled with Zoom calls… just in the office rather than at home. The transition from remote work to office work has filled many headlines this year, as many struggle to find a balance in our new normal. 

During the panic about the pandemic, fuel or other crisis on the news, Onetrace was still hard at work. Remote working had already been the foundation of Onetrace, so we weren’t impacted in that manner. “The show must go on!”, said someone famous once, and we followed this sage advice. As a result, we had a smashing year. We have expanded roughly six times our size in the last 12 months, doubled our development team and secured a new round of investment. While we have a shiny new London office, we have also expanded our reach into Ireland and New Zealand, with interest from Australia and South Africa.  

Continuous development and innovation of our fire protection software is the core of everything we do here at Onetrace, but we have also launched and improved some pretty awesome features: 

– QR Coding:  which allows your team to scan a QR code label rather than handwriting labels, saving time and reducing human error. 
– Cost breakdown: You can now produce a complete cost breakdown to accompany your tender submissions!
– The Golden Thread:  you can provide the essential Golden Thread documentation with client sign off, ensuring that your company abides by the Golden Thread of Information included in the new Building Safety bill. 
– Documentation filing system: filing has never looked so good, or worked so well
– Enhanced photos images: photos work right in the app, so no more sending photos to the office or yourself – just snap and upload 🎉
– Enhanced reporting
– Materials rates: you can add in the rates of materials, so when you’re 
– Labour productivity feature: ever wondered how productive your team members are? You can see how efficient individual operatives are, right in the app 

And of course, we’ve continued to work hard over the last 12 months to ensure that Onetrace works intuitively and efficiently for everyone who uses it. Usability and user experience are so important to us, which is why we’re always asking our users for feedback and ideas. If you use Onetrace and think of a feature that can make your life easier, just ping it over to us and we’ll look into it. Onetrace is about you, the users, and we work hard to give you a platform that’s efficient, effective and in line with current 3rd party accreditation compliance standards. 

While 2020/2021 went by in a blur, we have massive plans for 2022. Our roadmap shows major application development, so you’ll want to keep your eyes and ears on this space, because it’s going to be massive. Naturally, we are expanding the team steadily, to ensure that we build Onetrace for world domination to lead the industry and keep our development commitments to our users. We have additional offices in our future, and an expansion into the European and International markets. 

Onetrace app has a lot of potential and we intend on fulfilling it. Focused, driven and agile, our team is in the right place to do things that haven’t previously been done before. We enjoy pushing boundaries and paving the way forward for compliance in the construction industry, and beyond. 

2022, here we come!