Productivity is the name of our game

Written by Désiré Roberts

Written by Désiré Roberts

22 November 2021

Some are born for greatness. Others are born to make history. Onetrace fire stopping app was born for one thing: productivity for the fire industry. We built Onetrace to give fire stopping operatives and contractors more efficiency,, less admin and a workflow that delivers effective compliance with existing 3rd party accreditation standards. But the real kicker? It’s a massive time saver for the entire team, and fulfils the requirements for the Golden Thread of Information ✅

Work from anywhere 

Fire stopping work is inherently remote; it’s on-site and often away from the office. But not all companies treat it as remote working, leading to administrative nightmares, unnecessary paperwork and increased human error. Previously, operatives would perform all of their jobs for the day, then go home or to the office and do their paperwork from there; but the problem here is human error since hey have to rely on their memory and smaller issues that should have made it to the report, don’t, leading to potential issues in the future. 

But with Onetrace, these issues are solved. Your operatives do their paperwork while they are working on site; all from a device that they already have, such as a tablet or a mobile phone. With pre-filled details on materials, quantities and more, they can work much faster than they would with a blank sheet of paper… And with the ability to… 

Take photos, drop pins and markup right in the app…

…your operatives will be able to do everything from one app on one device. No more faffing about with different applications and sending photos or drawings to your email or to the office for someone else to upload. Everything is done right from the app, and it’s so intuitive and easy to use. With workflows, your operatives can start the job, take photos at the right time and log the information they need to, in the order that is required. 

With pinpoint accuracy, pins can be dropped to mark locations, and they can mark up drawings right in Onetrace fire stopping app, without the need of a third party application. No more laptops, hand drawing or different software; Onetrace fire stopping app does it all! 

Real time updates 

Ever wanted to know at which stage of a job that your operative was at without asking them? With Onetrace, transparency is one step further — it’s live, in real time. When an operative starts a job and opens the app, uploads a photo, marks up a drawing or completes a job, team leaders can see everything from a bird’s eye view. This is also very helpful with complex jobs that need senior level support; because the data is uploaded automatically and it’s in real time, team leaders who need to see marked up drawings or photos in order to provide guidance have everything they need right in front of them. There are so many positive applications of real time remote working, and Onetrace does it well

Bonus pro tip: with Onetrace, your clients can have VIP access to view this information as well, so that they have complete transparency at all stages. 

See how your team is performing 

It’s hard when you’re working remotely, as all fire stopping work is, to be able to monitor everyone and measure their performance. It can be done by a team leader making a judgement call, but unless someone is tracking the data manually, which is very time consuming, no one really knows who are the top performers and who aren’t. Onetrace fire stopping app has an elegant solution for this, allowing team leaders to see which operatives are working more than others, and who is a higher fee earner for the company. This can allow team leaders to reward the operatives who are working at the top capacity levels and motivate those who can perform better. 

Opening communication can also highlight if team members need support, which could be due to a personal issue that has not been spoken about, or if some jobs are more complicated than quoted, which could mean more robust site surveys before quotes. Either way, the transparency of Onetrace fire stopping app allows your company to grow in a much more efficient and effective way. 

About Onetrace fire stopping app

Our platform is awesome, and we know it. But it doesn’t stop there, with QR coding, client quotations, and so much more, we are feature packed beyond productivity. We believe it’s time for you to see what it can really do; and we know once you’ve seen it, no matter what you’re using, you’ll want to use Onetrace. All you need to do is simply get in touch or request a demo. If you’re not ready to commit, that’s okay – you can try Onetrace completely free for 14 days with zero obligation or commitment. No fuss, no hassle.